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I was born and raised in Texas, and I'm the proud mother of two great young adults. I really became interested in Photography when my husband helped me realize that I needed to find something that I loved since soon the kids would be out of the house and off on their own. I've gotten my certificate from New York Institute of Photography and I'm always carrying a camera with me.

I've been in Ohio for several years and recently I've had the opportunity to spend my time in Charleston, South Carolina. I enjoy shooting it all, landscapes, people, animals, weddings, events, you name it. I've also had the opportunity to travel to Seattle, Portland, California, Arizona and Nevada, and I've spent some time in Michigan which is where my husband is from.

I'm always wanting to learn more so please...any advice, comments and feedback is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions also feel free to ask those too!!!


You can contact me at Lwoodcraft@yahoo.com


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